Secondary hyperparathyroidism.


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However, there are few data available only on the relationship between serum hydroxyvitamin D levels and recovery after surgery for hip fracture. AIM: The authors investigate the vitamin D supply of patients with hip fractures.

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Patients with better condition after surgery showed higher hydroxyvitamin D levels p The association between vitamin-D deficiency and mortality as well as the positive correlation between serum hydroxyvitamin D secondary hyperparathyroidism and better postoperative condition confirm the importance of proper vitamin D supply in the prevention and cure of hip fractures, what is more secondary hyperparathyroidism the increase of the chance of survival.

Braun Avitum Hungary Zrt. Dialízis Központ Szombathely.

Management of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism July 2020 Update Prof Hussein Sheashaa

AIM: To compare parathyroid hormone levels measured by two assays in correlation with vitamin D supply. METHOD: Parathyroid hormone and hydroxi-vitamin-D were determined in patients 31 patients secondary hyperparathyroidism chronic renal failure without renal replacement therapy, 36 patients treated with peritoneal dialysis and 37 patients treated with hemodialysis. RESULTS: Good correlation was secondary hyperparathyroidism between results of the two parathyroid hormone methods, but the intact parathyroid hormone levels were higher than the biointact values.

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The frequency of serious vitamin-D deficiency was higher in the peritoneal dialysis than in the hemodialysis group. Intact parathyroid hormone levels were different in dialysed patients having vitamin-D-deficiency and insufficiency, and the difference was higher for the biointact than intact values.

Negative correlation was detected between biointact parathyroid hormone and hydroxivitamin-D in the hemodialysis secondary hyperparathyroidism.

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